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Dr. Trisha Khanna

Board Certified Dermatologist and Physician

Dr. Trisha Khanna MD, FAAD (Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology) is Board Certified Dermatologist in Central Florida. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Florida, then went on to receive a merit scholarship to Columbia medical school.

I understand how important it is to look your best and how important it is to your self-confidence. Not only does a Dermatologist like Dr. Trisha Khanna make you look pretty but she helps you feel pretty from the inside out. Beauty is not just skin deep but it is also about having the right mindset. Pimples, Warts, and even Leprosy can be managed with a proper Dermatologist approved skin care regimen to help you live a full life. No matter how bad you think it is there is always a solution to the problem. Dr. Trisha Khanna has an amazing eye for detail and beauty. You are in the right care with Dr. Khanna.

Dr. Trisha Khanna MD FAAD

Remarkable Medicine. Remarkable Care.

Focused on Your Well-Being

Healthy, glowing skin, strong, full hair and beautiful nails can provide a meaningful boost to your self-image and to your life.

Our medical, cosmetic and aesthetic dermatology experts offer many of the latest treatment options and technologies to help clear-up skin conditions, treat skin cancers and diminish the effects of the environment and age. Dermatology also extends to the health of your scalp, hair and nails. We will work with you to develop an individual plan that provides you the tools for overall well-being that helps you feel and look your best.

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